Café with shower bathroom

A café with a cold or hot shower within the premises give customers a feeling of contentment and completeness while in the restaurant. In fact, it is a business strategy as a value added service to define class and elegance in the hospitality industry.

Why must you have a bathroom in a restaurant?

Naturally, depending on the type of your body, you have to get rid of waste products in form of urine, feces, and sweat. If you are serving soft or hard drinks customers will sweat and will want to have a bath to remain fresh. To save on space, most of the entrepreneurs build a bathroom with a toilet as a single entity. As they release themselves, they can have a hot shower and feel fresh. After a hard days’ work over the weekday, you may wish to have a rest and unwind through the nightlife. With the heavy traffic jams associated the with most modern cities, you may wish to rush home, take a bath and change for you to be in the right attire to relax and enjoy the night. A café with a bathroom will have an added advantage. All you need is to carry your clothing and get into the bathrooms bath and change. You will realize they will spend more time in the café; a clear indication of increased business sales.slate-shower-tile-Bathroom-Rustic-with-bow-front-vanity-cafe

How will you maintain the hygiene of the bathrooms?

Having a bathroom inside the café is not the ultimate goal, you also need to ensure they are clean and have a constant supply of both cold and hot water without compromising on the profits. Ensure you have someone assigned to clean them regular intervals. A customer who gets into a dirty bathroom is a complete turn-off. He will relate it to the food that is prepared.

traditional-bathroomLet it be in the farthest end of the café such that there is no interference with people who have just come to enjoy their meal. Invest in refreshers and air conditioners within the premises for free circulation of air. In addition, purchase durable, user-friendly and flexible showerheads. Remember your café attracts diverse customers, carry out due diligence and have a variety base on culture and race.

A clean restaurant gives a positive feeling, with the innovation of social media. A dirty bathroom with be a viral post and a trending talk in social media circles which have a negative impact to your business. When you want to purchase the tiles and interior decor of a bathroom, choose a material, which you can clean easily and does not leave permanent marks. It will have a negative impact on your business. Remember, hygiene is the core value is any hospitality institution.

Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules will make you have a clean bathroom which is an attraction to your café. Why have the bathrooms if you cannot maintain its cleanliness? In addition, put notices on hygiene practices to expect from customers while using the bathrooms, this will help you in the maintenance of the hygiene levels.