Establishment of Stroller Station in Your Restaurant

In the past when parents got their first baby, it brought to the end the lifestyle of frequenting restaurants. Note that a few years ago there were few complaints of children being found in restaurants and bars, and even finding a stroller in the interior of the front door of a restaurant was deemed abnormal.

Alright, new days have dawned. The millennial has matured and started having babies; their minds have changed on the purpose of taking sibling along for a dinner. Not only have they come to accept and accommodate babies in restaurants, but they have learned to look for a chance to move out and savor what can be essential.chi-stroller-gang-hits-wicker-park-restaurant-20141116

A Classification and use of strollers

Children are not the same, and their habits vary widely according to stages of development, size, and age for the purpose of restaurant, in a society,  junior member’s fall into three different groups;


Beginning from birth to the age of 1 year, these are like tiny footballs; they are easily transportable and durable, their requirements and interactions with the outside world are limited. They are known to sleep through the entire real-time period. Having such a baby with you means you need more space.

Parents with babies seek places with tables that are not so tight, where a stroller can maneuver or be set during meal time. They choose strollers with a removable baby seat which can be strapped to a normal chair and folded.

Clients normally make lists of restaurants that have the facility. Similarly having high chairs and booster seats is a sign that the restaurant is child-friendly.


This includes children who are between 1 and 4 years. This is a period of rapid growth and development, which is noticed by high mobility and inquisitiveness their needs differ from those of babies.

In the earlier years, a baby’s seat or a high chair was required. Nowadays, the same can be provided from the stroller station, a booster seat is also important. Another necessary accouterment of her dining depends on the toddler’s preferences in connection to restaurants choices which may include toys, which can be transported using strollers.


These are between ages 4-10 years, and on their path to becoming adults. Their lifespan tastes are being set. They have needs far off from the other two groups. They can actively participate not only to what parent provide but also to the restaurant’s choices and also to what can be found in your stroller station.

Types of Strollers


This is the most common type, it’s traditional and standard sized. It offers ample storage, weighs 16-37lbs, big and more maneuverable wheels. It can be adapted to serve as a car seat, fully flat reclined seat a bassinet alternative with steep angular ends for safe infant sleeping. Check Best Double stroller models here if you have twins.

Car Seat Frame

A favorite for 6-12 months old baby, also said to be an infant car seat frame stroller. It’s not expensive, compact known to be light at 11 to 16lbs. it is best for those who had a baby through C-section.


It’s light great for travel, also known as umbrella stroller due to its shape that is folded, it is more compact and light weighing 8-17 lbs. they are used by babies who are 6 months.


Has large air filled tires and shock absorbers, Can roll smooth and straight when running to reduce impact to bumps, 23-31lbs